Tesla Band-Bust a Nut

Released: August 23, 1994

Label: Geffen

Producer: Terry Thomas

Bust a Nut is the fourth studio album released in 1994. It was their final studio album on Geffen Records before the band split. The album debut at #20 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart and was certified gold by RIAA on March 16, 1995. Borrowing Nikola Tesla’s 1943 invention, a machine cracking a nut, as the jacket image, the band fulfills the hard-rocking yet dynamic and acoustic rock to the edge.

By the late 80’s keyboard-led music became a necessity. TESLA came out of such an era but stayed simple just as Led Zeppelin, Early Deep Purple, or Whitesnake. They recreated straight Rock’n roll based on guitars and passionate vocals. Their style honors Nikola Tesla, legendary inventor, where the band name came from.

Singles include:
“Mama’s Fool” – #5 on Mainstream Rock Tracks (1994)
“Need Your Lovin'” – #19 on Mainstream Rock Tracks (1995)
“A lot To Lose” – # 35 on Mainstream Rock Tracks (1995)

Band Members:


  • Produced By Terry Thomas
  • Engineered By Rafe McKenna & Andrew Scarth
  • Assistant Engineer: Richard Duarte
  • Mixing: Rafe McKenna & Terry Thomas
  • Mastering: George Marino