Birthday: November 5, 1963
Birthplace: Sacramento, CA
Instruments: Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Backing Vocals
Favorite Foods: Italian
Favorite Cars: Mini
Favorite Sports: Baseball
Favorite Colors: Blue
Favorite Books: Playboy
Favorite Subjects: World War 2 History
Favorite Movies: Good Fellas
Favorite Actors: Di Caprio
Favorite Places: Tuscany
Favorite Escape:Things you don´t like: Lazy People
How do you spend your spare time: With my wife & dogs
Have you had another career that wasn’t in the music industry? Managed McDonalds
Any other band’s you have been in? Soulmotor
What was the first album you purchased: “Let It Be”
When did you start to play music? 12 years old
What other instruments do you play? Piano, Guitar
What artists are your favorite to listen to? The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Queen
Which artist might surprise your fans that you listen to?: The Arctic monkeys
Who are your musical influences? Paul McCartney
Have you ever met or played with your musical idol(s)? Yes met them both played with one of them once (It was surreal)
When did you know you wanted music to be your career? 7 years old
Who helped you get (your foot in the door) in to the industry? Steve Clausman

Brian grew up the youngest of 6 kids in the hood of South Sacramento, CA. While his older brothers cranked up hard rock records ala Humble Pie and Cream, Brian had a huge love for the Beatles and would steal their records from his brothers’ collections. Brian started playing bass at 14 years old. His main musical influence is Paul McCartney as well as Jimmy Page, but he also has strong political views and states General George S. Patton as an influence.

Brian was very close to his Mom and is a natural born leader of business affairs. Brian is an avid baseball player and he played catcher’s position up to his high school league. Brian decided to switch to playing music full time after the coaches said he couldn’t make it to pro ball because of his size, despite his talents for the game. Brian still plays in mens hardball leagues as well as racquetball, biking and kayaking. Brian loves music production and owns a state of the art recording studio where TESLA records.

His other interests include Barbecuing, Cooking, and traveling to Europe for the holidays with his wife Monique. Together they live in a 120 year old Victorian house.