Read now new Gibson guitar models for 2020 which includes a collaboration with our very own Frank Hannon.

Adding to the new artist collaborations, Gibson worked closely with Frank  to bring fans a new “Love” Dove in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of “Love Song,” and Kazuyoshi Saito on a signature J-45.

“Teaming up with Gibson to create the timeless Love Dove acoustic guitar has been a joy because of the love that the Gibson team has for music, and the artists who make it,” says Frank Hannon of Tesla. “I recorded many of Tesla’s classic acoustic driven songs with an original 1970s Gibson Dove, and now we have together created the Love Dove acoustic guitar in its glory to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Tesla’s ‘Love Song’.”

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Here’s a classic photo of Frank w/ his original ‘70’s DOVE guitar that was featured in TESLA’s “What You Give” video.. circa ‘91.