June 30, 2015
Charlotte, NC | PNC Music Pavilion

Review by Brigette Olender
“We’re Fan Forward Entertainment, and we approve of this review.”

Question: What happens when TESLA is the opener for Def Leppard’s tour?

Answer: A FULL HO– USE earlier than ever!

Charlotte’s Pavilion brought that epic Southern welcome to TESLA’s debut on their largest stage! However, there’s nothing new about this California band’s talent, skill, or superb music! These brothers are 28 years strong and continue to deliver new albums infused with variety every few years.

Def Leppard invited TESLA on their first big tour in the late 80s, and that’s when many became fans. This is a dreamy reunion tour since the bands have remained close throughout the decades and changes in the music industry. The lineup has sparked endless reunions for friends and fans, which added to the smiles glued on the audience faces all night. We brought new friends and some we hadn’t seen in over twenty years! TESLA set the stage like a boss for an unforgettable night of rock and roll.

IMG_0840 copyTESLA packs one of the best live performances you’ll find anywhere. From the intro to “Edison’s Medicine” to the last note of Modern Day Cowboy, these masters filled our cravings and wired all hands in the air! Although time-limited, the bluesy hard rock riffs and 80s hits had the crowd on their feet by the end of the first song. Five incredibly successful artists poured out Love Song while the crowd sang along on a gorgeous Carolina summer night. A surreal sunset accompanied the show and a standing ovation begged for more as they exited the stage to make room for Styx. The set time would have been a warm up at a standard TESLA show, so the immediate withdrawals were unanimous. The consensus, in unison, was…. JAWDROP! MORE PLEASE! Where can I see them again? FANTASTIC! THEY’RE GREAT! WOW!
“Love Will Find A Way” is TESLA’s most famous line, and they’ll rock you in that direction any time, any place, or anywhere with a vast catalog of life-saving lyrics and timeless masterpieces. GOT TESLA?

Don’t miss this tour, and don’t be late for TESLA!

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