Wrestling’s Global Icon And National Treasure, Steve Austin, gave a shout out to TESLA on his recent Steve Austin “Unleashed” podcast. Steve is on location filming the latest season of CMT’s “Broken Skull Challenge” and took some time to answer a few questions from his fans.

So, what did the Texas Rattlesnake listen to after RAW while driving in the car with Dustin Rhodes, Bob Holly, Black Bart, Diamond Dallas Page, Kevin Nash or all by himself?

“If I was in the car back in the day it goes back to what i was listing to back then, it goes George Strait and it was Keith Whitley were heavy in the rotation as was George Jones, Merle Haggard and Conway Twitty and that was some of my go-to country guys. And for the metal it was always Scorpions, Accept, stuff like that. Ted Nugent, KISS, Boston, you know bands like that. I was a big TESLA fan, Van Halen, all the standard rotation. They call ’em “hair bands”, man, I got a problem with people calling the hair bands “hair bands” because it disrespects the musical talent that those guys had.” – Steve Austin

Shout out to the Podcasting Man! m/ m/

Click here to listen to the complete podcast “SASu – EP230 – I’ve Always Been Crazy…”
The “hair band” reference is at 01:26:00 ..but listen to the entire podcast..it’s damn funny!

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