TESLA in Tulsa, OK on 9

TESLA in Tulsa, OK on 9

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  • Danna Helm Reply

    well i have loved Tesla for about 28 years ha im givin my age away! well anyway i have met them several times in oklahoma at the diamomd ballroom. it was about im guessing 1993 and about 4 of my girlfriends drove up in my transam and none of had a ticket yet and the nice boys of teala let us in the back door and gave us a backstage pass ajd we had a blast. they were perfect gentlmen and reakky coool as hell. al rhough there is a oicture of us girls lined up on the stage with our shirts pulled up we thought it eas funny, wish someone still had a copy so we could see our selves axting a fool! Lol! I have ar least four pairs of jeans and a tube top sighned by all of you. they are turning yellow now cause its been a while but they aer my keepsakea. you guys are so cool and nice compared to moxt bands iv met, you guys are like real peop;e and that is whar makes u special. i do not know what the hellminwea sopose to be saying here but im being real so i love you guys you are speacial and no im not a freaky stalker just a number one fan. so keep rockin! Love u guys!

    Sep. 14, 2015 at 6:34 pm

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