January 24, 2012 Posted by tesla in Dave Rude, News

Epiphone: Dave Rude on the Twisted Wires Acoustic Tour with Masterbilt

"I was so jazzed to play those suckers every night. They've really got great tone and playability..." and they look killer too. Even our front-of-house sound engineer was raving about how great they sounded--which means a lot 'cuz he's pretty hard to please! I ended up using the cutaway for a lot of the set every night. The easy access to the upper frets was a welcome change that let me do lot of high up "wheedly-deedly" stuff which, as you probably know, is usually a real pain on an acoustic! I've also been using the Masterbilts in the studio with my solo project, Dave Rude Band, as we finish up recording our new album, and they really shine there too.

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