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The official report by TC.
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June 3, 20131 year ago

Let's Help Oklahoma
"It's What You Give"


TESLA "Working Together for Moore" read more

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June 4, 20122 years ago

In Loving Memory: George Marino

Beloved legendary Mastering Engineer, George Marino, passed away today. George was instrumental in TESLA's successful 25 year career. read more
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February 20, 20123 years ago

9 Years Ago: Remembering Our Friends

TESLA CURRENTS - It's hard to believe but today marks the 9th anniversary of the tragedy at the Station Night Club in West Warwick, RI. Read more
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February 5, 20123 years ago

TC: Welcome to the NEW Site!!

TESLA CURRENTS - Latest News, Songs, Videos, Photos / Over 300 pages!! Look around there is lots of new information and features.

Hat's off to Duane for all the hard work, Duane put's all the hard work in building this place. I sometimes get credit for things he does because Read more