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I Want to Take You Higher
Real To Reel, Vol. 2

Track No.
7, Disc 2
Release Date
September 25, 2007
Performed by
Jeff Keith, Brian Wheat,
Frank Hannon, Troy Luccketta
and Dave Rude
Appears On
Real To Reel, Vol. 2
Written by
Sly Stone
Sly & the Family Stone (1969)


Feeling's gettin stronger
Music's gettin longer too
Music is flashin me
I want to take you higher
Baby baby baby light my fire

Feeling's nitty-gritty
Sound is in the city too
Music's still flashin' me
Don't ya want to get higher
Baby baby baby light my fire.

Feeling that should make you move
Sounds that should help you groove
Music still flashin' me
Take your places
I want to take you higher
Baby baby baby light my fire.

Recording Notes from Frank Hannon
"It’s late at night after recording all day. We are just busting out jams in one take. This song is homage to our “Bay Area” roots with Sly Stone. We 'Tesla-fied' this one by modulating the chord changes at the end. JK and I are trading lead vocals on this song. Brian re-recorded his bass track with his Fender Jazz bass and he really pumped it up. "

~ Read more notes from Frank in "The Making of Real To Reel" booklet!

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