City Kidd in Carmichael, CA on 04/12/83

Jeff Harper (Original singer for City Kidd!) adds "...i think these were the last gigs I played with City Kidd... the likely repertoire included, (not in set order) that we were playing at that time…"

Everybody Wants You – Squier

Teenage Dream – City Kidd

Diana – The Producer’s

Message in a Bottle – Police

White Wedding – Idol

Wild Thing – (Hendrix style – Frank sang)

Rebel, Rebel – Bowie

Twilight Zone – (Brooke sang)

Big City Nights – Scorpions

There’s Only One Way to Rock – Hagar Could have been other Sammy song...i just know it was Sammy. Also, as for JK...he was good that nite...i was on the dance floor watching...(If these were the gigs, Jeff Keith sang with the band for the first time at one of these gigs and sang this song)

There were a lot more because we had to play 4 sets…

Thanks for your input, Jeff!

(Note: JK says he auditioned with the song 'Your Love is Driving Me Crazy' by Sammy Hagar)
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