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Born: November 5, 1963
Birthplace: Sacramento, California
Instruments: Bass guitar and background vocals
Interests: Music, Fitness Exercise, Baseball & Kayaking

Brian grew up the youngest of 6 kids in the hood of South Sacramento, CA. While his older brothers cranked up hard rock records ala Humble Pie and Cream, Brian had a huge love for the Beatles and would steal their records from his brothers' collections. Brian started playing bass at 14 years old. His main musical influence is Paul McCartney as well as Jimmy Page, but he also has strong political views and states General George S. Patton as an influence.

Brian was very close to his Mom and is a natural born leader of business affairs. Brian is an avid baseball player and he played catcher's position up to his high school league. Brian decided to switch to playing music full time after the coaches said he couldn't make it to pro ball because of his size, despite his talents for the game. Brian still plays in mens hardball leagues as well as racquetball, biking and kayaking. Brian loves music production and owns a state of the art recording studio where TESLA records.

His other interests include Barbequing, Cooking, and traveling to Europe for the holidays with his wife Monique. Together they live in a 120 year old Victorian house. Brian says that it is his experience as a catcher and his love of General Patton that helps him manage the band.

March 29, 20151 month ago

British Band "FlashFires" Managed by Brian Wheat #1 on Unsigned Chart in UK

The British band Brian Wheat​ is managing called FlashFires​ are currently at Number One on the Richer Unsigned Chart in the UK! Staying on the top spot until the end of the month will mean they get some valuable radio and media coverage and just in time for the release of their new single SHY... If you have a chance to check them out and give them a vote it would really help, just follow the link!
Thank you
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    April 28, 2015 7:41 pmPosted 28 days ago
    mike arvin

    Hey how can I send these great pics I got of the band, location PHX, and Chicago

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    September 21, 2014 4:20 pmPosted 8 months ago
    camie cline

    will u b coming back to vegas anytime soon by the time i found out u were here the concert was sold out my friend stacy had his picture taken with u last night and he wont stop gloating about it hes the one that told me about concert i hope i have the pleasure of seeing u in concert someday thank u for all the pleasure thru the years peace

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    September 18, 2014 1:38 pmPosted 8 months ago

    I have been a fan since 1986. I saw you guys play the Texas Jam in 1987. I saw you the following year opening for Def Leppard in the round. I would Love to see you guys come back down to Phoenix AZ again on this current tour. Rock On!

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    September 14, 2014 12:10 pmPosted 8 months ago
    Jeff Hutchinson

    Hey, Brian! It’s Jeff Hutcinson! Glad to see you’re entrepeneurial spirit! You were there for me when I was outnumbered at school. You were the only one. I never forgot. Nor did I forget seeing you years later at Kings Skate Country.
    Best to you and yours. I’m living in South Sac again.
    Take care and never stop!

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    August 21, 2014 12:52 pmPosted 9 months ago
    Mike McCoy

    My brother and I saw your concert at Bogarts in Cin City. You guys definitely brought it. Enjoy your show every time Tesla comes to town. Keep rockin’ the house. Look forward to the next time you roll through town!!!

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    August 4, 2014 4:15 pmPosted 9 months ago
    Carol Casteel

    BRIAN–get in touch me please! Haven’t seen you & Frankie since Def Leppard…how’s Mike doing?? In case you didn’t know, Ricky passed. Lost my contact info for you & Mike—hope to see you guys when you come to San Diego!!

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    June 30, 2014 6:34 pmPosted 11 months ago
    Joseph Cesar

    This is not a Tesla-related comment, but I met your brother today at the local recycle center. We were both doing our part in “kicking the can.” Anyway, he was so positive and captivating in the group of those standing around that we struck up a great conversation. He asked for my business card. Not having one and faced with the facility closing for the day, we quickly separated ways. I didn’t even get his name. I did catch that he said you were his brother though. Just an incidental meeting, but wanted to share with you how kind your family is to the world around them. You have good roots. Congratulations on all the success you have achieved. God Bless!

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    June 6, 2014 4:58 amPosted 11 months ago

    Hi Brian,

    greetings from Hamburg.

    When are you going to come here? .. Bring all my brothers with you so we can have a little party out here!

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    January 14, 2014 6:51 amPosted 1 year ago

    Hi Brian, I’ve been in the band’s warmup session before up in Minnesota a couple years ago and saw how you guys determine the setlists for the evening. I’m really hoping when you play in Minnesota on Jan. 24 you can play “All of Me”. What a great song!

  • October 9, 2013 3:23 pmPosted 1 year ago
    Jack Gallagher

    I’m a local actor and comedian who along with musician Tommy Dunbar does a podcast here in Sacramento.
    Please check out an episode at the site above. We’d love to have you as a guest.


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