Bust A Nut



By the late 80’s keyboard-led music became a necessity. TESLA came out of such an era but stayed simple just as Led Zeppelin, Early Deep Purple, or Whitesnake. They recreated straight Rock’n roll based on guitars and passionate vocals. Their style honors Nikola Tesla, legendary inventor, where the band name came from.

Borrowing Nikola Tesla’s 1943 invention, a machine cracking a nut, as the jacket image, the band fulfills the hard-rocking yet dynamic and acoustic rock to the edge.

The opening THE GATE/INTRO signifies their sound and SOLUTION rocks heavy. SHINE AWAY, TRY SO HARD are my top favorites from this album and the reason I love this album. NEED YOUR LOVING is the beautiful Purplish acoustic masterpiece track. ACTION TALKS and CRY are well set heavy tracks. Since ALOT TO LOSE they search for pop area using covers and renditional track. WONDERFUL WORLD, no doubt was inspired by Louis Armstrong classic WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. Nice renditional track. GAMES PEOPLE PLAY is the full rendition of 1969 hit by Joe South.

The album was certified gold by RIAA on March 16th, 1995.

– Susumu

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  • Sandy Roberts/Thibodeau Reply

    We love you guys and see you every time at NH Casino Ballroom. YOUR MUSIC is awesome, I would love to see you do I TRY SO HARD !

    Jan. 31, 2013 at 12:38 pm
  • valerie Reply

    This album bust a nut is part of my life Need Your Lovin’ I played that song so many times that all three of my children knew that song my heart. I was married but it fell apart. But I never thought I would find true love and a man who would want a ready made family. And there he was My knight then he was taken from me So for three months I played that album and my kids were 4 , 9, 12 they knew every song by heart.

    Sep. 12, 2013 at 4:14 pm

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